What's In My Bag

The inside of my bag has plenty of receipts that might reveal my love for clothes and shoes. I also keep certain things that I cannot go without because they are part of my beauty routine on a daily basis. The products and the amount I carry in my bag vary depending on the season; weather and bag size, so for now I’ll let you in a bit on what is in my bag for the month.

Life Savers Bag Essentials:

I have a confession to make… I have bags! And unfortunately I am not talking about the designer kind. I have bags under my eyes and ever since I discovered Urban Decay NAKED Skin concealer, medium I have used it every single day because it does a great job of covering and its long lasting. As you know by now I am always on the go so I carry my Boscia B.B. cream is a tint  with SPF 27 which works great as foundation along with my Sephora beauty blender for a fresh touch up. For days when I tend to look more tired than usual, I bring my Make up forever (410) Blush Creme to make me look more awake and cute.


For a quick touch up after lunch I tend to have three lipsticks with me, I cannot live without my Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE VOLUPTÉ Shine Oil-in-stick  Shocking Magenta Lipstick . It makes my lips feel so smooth and the beautiful shade compliments all skin tones. For the eyes, I tend to apply mascara only at night if I am going out because it tends to smudge during the day for me. My favorite long lash is TOO FACED Better Than Sex Mascara perfect for date night and girl’s night.


I tend to keep all my cosmetics inside my classic Louis Vuitton Epi cosmetics pouch to keep my products from messing up the inside of my beautiful designer bag. I highly recommend keeping all your beauty products inside a cosmetics bag to prevent loss and help you find everything you need in one place. Aside from cosmetics, my favorite accessory is hands down my Prada cat-eye sunglasses that make every outfit complete and fun.


My Bag: The reason I love this bag is because it makes a statement everywhere I go. When I know I won’t have to carry a lot of things I prefer to carry mini bags to compliment my outfit and give my shoulders a break. Remember that what you carry will be the only thing you will be able to use throughout the day so pack what you need and then rest will follow. You can find the bag:

Valentino Bag @Bagsaporter Valentino Bag @Bagsaporter


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