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  • What's In My Bag

    The inside of my bag has plenty of receipts that might reveal my love for clothes and shoes. I also keep certain things that I cannot go without because they are part of my beauty routine on a daily basis. The products and the amount I carry in my bag vary depending on the season; weather and bag size, so for now I’ll let you in a bit on what is in my bag for the month.
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  • Hot Cartagena Vibes

    If you need a quick break from life come with me to Cartagena, Colombia one of South America’s gems. The city is filled with magical corners that capture your soul, founded in 1933 by Spanish conquerors; it still holds historical and beautiful sights with a touch of chic and sophistication. I stayed at the beautiful hotel San Lazaro, in front of the historic Castillo San Felipe and talked to some locals about places I should see and where I should eat. During my trip I discovered amazing places, including hidden treasured spots by locals that I’ll reveal to you.

    Why Cartagena- History! Beach!! Food! No wonder Europeans and Americans flock to the beautiful shores of Cartagena.
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  • The Ultimate It Bag On Sale

    Dear Fashionista, as summer approaches I wanted to make sure you were ready to welcome it in style. Here at Bags-A-Porter I have made available beautiful designer bags at an incredible price so that you can get more for less. In honor of my favorite time of the year, SUMMER I want to show you my top three designer bags available now.  You are an it-girl and my selection is just as unique as YOU! I’ve gathered my tips from traveling and seeing what’s hot in celebrities, runways and my personal style.  Dare to be bold and fashionable in June, combining basic and classic styles with gorgeous designer bags.
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  • Designer Of The Month

    For the month of June I’ll be walking the streets of my city in heels with a drink in hand and my Chloe bag in the shoulder. I have chosen Chloe as designer of the month because it was the go-to bag at Coachella’s Music Festival and the brand’s history inspires women to be fearless and follow their dreams. Chloe has recently been the it-girls pick from Kendall Jenner to Victoria Secret’s Angel Alessandra Ambrosio so it’s only right that we get on board with the trend.

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  • It Girl Cartagena Trip List

    Welcome back fashionista! Warm long summer evenings are on the horizon! The weather is warming up and I have already started sandal shopping. I couldn’t wait another day so I booked a small getaway to Cartagena, Colombia. That’s right! I said Colombia, one of the most beautiful countries in South America. Cartagena is on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast and serves as a modern port, filled with nearby Islands reachable by boat. I’ll tell you more about my adventures in the next blog, but for now I’ll give you some tips on how to pack like an it-girl for a hot summer vacation.
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  • Coachella 2016

    Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has become the hottest young Hollywood event of the year. I was fortunate to attend and I wanted to share with you the highlights including different music stages, crowd and festival vibes. For those of you who have attended you can relate as to how stressful arriving and leaving can be so I have some tips for next year that can help ease the process.

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    She is your unconditional friend, nurse and knows you better than you know yourself. Loving mom is easy, the hardest part is finding her a gift that she will love but fear not! I’m here to make sure you make her smile on her day. Every mom is different, some are sporty some are fashionable and some love to delight us with their baking skills. This effortless guide will cater to mom’s taste and preferences.

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  • Skinny Mini

    Get ready for Spring 2016 and walk into the season of the mini bags. Not so long ago, luxury brands showed us that oversized bags were better but today it is all about the mini handbag. I live for mini bags! I’m not a super fan of big bags since they tend to be a bit heavy and I struggle to find my keys at times. Mini bags are my current obsession, they are useful for daytime and I can easily dress them up at night. Luxury brands skyrocketed their prices preventing entry-level costumers to have access to their high-end bags. Thankfully, they realized they could expand their market to entry-level costumers opening doors of endless possibilities. As a mini bag lover I made a special guide for you so that you can rock the mini.

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  • My Short Stay Paris Guide

    Dear Fashionistas, last week I traveled to Paris for a short four-day business trip and even though I was under a tight schedule, I managed to enjoy my top actives in Paris. For those of you who may have a lengthy layover or simply a short stay like myself, I’m here to make sure you make the most out of your time in the city of fashion and love.

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  • Valerie’s Short Travel Essentials

    Hey Fashionistas! I’ll be heading to Paris in a bit for a short trip, with so much going on and just few days to do it all I’ve managed to pack the perfect travel bag with a few of my must have essentials. I wanted to create a modern, fashionable look for my short stay in Paris with key accessories that would complete my outfit and still fit in a carry on bag. If you’re planning a short trip and are wondering what to pack, I have the perfect guide to make sure you look your best.

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